So much creosote!

I thought a blog might be a fun idea, not really sure if it's necessary, but hey ho, if it keeps me from constantly having to play Monopoly with the kids, then it's probably worth it!

I was shocked this week when, after sweeping a customer's chimney, I removed the sponge blocker to find this behind! It's creosote. And flammable.

To be fair to the lady, she had just moved in, and not wanted to have a fire before it was swept, as the previous owner hadn't told her when it was last done.

Creosote is a by product of burning fuel on a fire, mostly from wood that is not dry enough. It coats the sides of the flue, then expands and drys with the heat. It is also one of the main causes of chimney fires, as it's flammable.

I removed two large bin liners full from this chimney before it was all gone.

Please get your chimneys swept regularly, as neither the homeowner or I knew it was up there until I had swept it!

#chimneysweep #Grimsby #Cleethorpes #chimney #sweep

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